“Kyoto pork” Saikyo-Yaki Set

“京都豚”西京焼御膳 “Kyoto pork” Saikyo-Yaki Set

Limited to 10 sets per day

Saikyo miso from Kyoto, which gives off a gentle fragrance, is blended for the production of our restaurant’s original miso base, which is used in generous amounts to pickle the mochi-pork from Kyoto. Please enjoy the meal while savouring the tenderness of the meat and the fragrance from the miso.

(Mochi-Pork from Kyoto)
(Half-Curdled Bean Curd Sheets)
Sesame Tofu
Red Miso Soup
Kyoto-Style Pickles

2,700yen (inclusive of tax)
[soft drink set+250yen]